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dao Consulting Warrant Canary

Existing and proposed laws, especially as relate to the US Patriot Act, etc., provide for secret warrants, searches and seizures of data, such as library records.

Some such laws provide for criminal penalties for revealing the warrant, search or seizure, disallowing the disclosure of events that would materially affect the users of services offered by dao Consulting, LLC.

  • dao Consulting, LLC and its principals and employees will in fact comply with such warrants and their provisions for secrecy.
  • dao Consulting, LLC will also make available, monthly, this "warrant canary" containing the effective date as well as a declaration that, up to that point, no warrants have been served, nor have any searches or seizures taken place
  • Special note should be taken if these messages ever cease being updated, or are removed from this page.

    The current message is here:
    No warrants have ever been served to dao Consulting, LLC, 
    or dao Consulting, LLC principals or employees.  
    No searches or seizures of any kind have ever been performed 
    on dao Consulting, LLC assets, including, but not limited to:
    	-Colorado servers and systems
    	-Massachusetts servers and systems
    	-Phone and PBX systems and records
    	-Managed servers
    Effective Date: 31 Mar, 2023   

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