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Hosted PBX Services

For smaller businesses or companies that don't require an on-site PBX, we offer a hosted PBX solution.


We offer a straightforward billing model based on resources used - so we have a low starter price and charge for DIDs, outbound calls, IVR menus, ring-groups and voicemail boxes but since extensions don't use much in resources, we don't bill you for them - that's right, you are allowed unlimited SIP extensions. All extensions feature follow-me, callerid, call waiting, etc.

Our base plan includes unlimited SIP extensions, 1 local number/DID, 1 IVR Auto Attendant, 1 ring group and 1 voicemail box.

Service Monthly Setup
Base Plan $25 $20
Mandatory e911 Fee1 $2 ---
Voicemail (per ext) $5 ---
IVR $10 $10
Ring Group2 $5 ---
Queues3 $10 ---
Conference Calling4 $15 $10
TF Number $5 $10
Number Porting --- $20
Local DID $7 $10

Destination Usage Cost
USA5 2.0¢/minute
International         Very Competitive Rates
TF Inbound 3.1¢/minute

  1. Fee per address
  2. Ring Groups are limited to 5 numbers and a max ring time of 60 seconds.
  3. Queues are limited to 3 agents, 10 callers in queue and a 5 minute hold time.
  4. Audio conference calling supports up to 6 participants and can be made available through your main IVR as a hidden option or through a dedicated phone number (at additional cost).
  5. A few destinations may cost slightly more
Larger limits are available under different PBX plans. Please contact sales for more information.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to sign up for service - you can reach us via email sales@daoConsulting.com or telephone at 877-4-DAO-NOW.

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